A new home

I can’t believe it never occured to me to use WordPress before.  I visit GoNintendo.com every day, so it should have been an obvious choice!

This blog is for my comic strip, Ralph and Chuck.  I created it in my freshman year of high school, and it has been running in my high school’s student-run newspaper, Mill Stream, for three years.  I have wanted to do something with the strip online, but I wanted something that was free, and that wouldn’t give me something dumb in the URL like “blogger”.  We tried to run a blog through the Mill Stream website, but it ended up being a big hassle.  As far as I can tell, WordPress lets me do the most with the littlest difficulty.  I am not a tech-savvy person, so this definitely helps.

I hope to be posting often with a cartoon each time.  I usually have a little something to say about each cartoon, so a blog is perfect for me to do so.  I hope all that visit the site enjoy it!


Wow, I wrote this way back in 2007! So much for “posting often.” Truth is, I did update for a while but somehow stopped. This is my fresh start: December 29, 2009. Ralph and Chuck in Mill Stream is no more, as I have started my freshman year at Indiana University Bloomington. I had been posting on Facebook, but I still wanted somewhere Ralph and Chuck could call home, and not just a fan page. Hence the return to the old blog.

I’ve just started using Illustrator, so the old halfway habits of Photoshop are going to be replaced by some real skills. I plan on posting anything new, as well as comics from high school should the mood strike me on any given day. Enjoy!


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