One of the most disappointing games I have ever watched

Man, did that suck. Thanks to “Coltsthink,” even when we could have easily, easily gone 16-0, and then have a chance at 19-0, we have to throw it away.

They say we should have expected this, that there is no reason to be angry or surprised. Bull. It wasn’t just that they pulled the players, it was how and when they pulled the players. We played a full 60 minutes in Jacksonville, against a desperate playoff team in a game that was “meaningless” for us. Where was the concern then? I didn’t hear it; they led us (and the players!) to believe that an undefeated season was in our grasp, and that we were going for it. But the Jacksonville game was nothing but a tease. Now, in a game we would have easily won had we played all four quarters, the Colts management made the decision to lose. Make no mistake: they chose to lose.

I thought Jim Caldwell was really trying to set himself apart. Now, even if we win out, he will forever be Dungy 2. Is it fair? Probably not. But when you choose to lose, I think you deserve whatever vitriol comes your way.

Bill Polian and Bob Lamey want to shame us for having the audacity to believe we could win it all. That we could make history. They want to write us off for even entertaining the notion. I’ll have none of it. I love my team, and its players, and I will support them come hell or high water when Super Bowl XLIV is on the line, but I do not support this decision in the slightest. It disrespects the players, the franchise, the fans, and the NFL. Today I am very, very disappointed with the Colts management.

On a lighter note, this is my first time using Illustrator, so now I have gradients! Isn’t it pretty?


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