This cartoon sucks, literally

A blast from the past! This cartoon is from my sophomore year in high school, after Ralph and Chuck officially became a part of the Mill Stream, and when I stopped being merely a “guest cartoonist.” At this point in the strip, I had never used or even considered color, so Chuck wasn’t even a redhead yet! Kind of like I Love Lucy. Also, I had purchased a DS Lite relatively recently, so that’s featured in the first panel as well!

The idea for this cartoon is the idea that people say things all the time without taking time to understand their meaning. This is full of potential fodder for cartoon ideas. Go around for a day or two listening to the literal meaning of everything everyone says, and you’ll see what I mean.

I always got a thrill when cartoons like this were run in the Mill Stream. Granted, the paper is student-run, but for all intents and purposes it is a school paper, subject to the confines of what is “school appropriate.” When I ran a cartoon that was borderline profane, I always got some satisfaction from the idea that I was “sticking it too the man,” even if in reality the cartoon was rather tame.


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