Mother’s intuition

I have enjoyed the freedom that comes with college, which includes waking up whenever I want, with no one else caring about when and how I do so. If I can wake up with ten minutes until class and still get there, that’s my business.

When I am home for vacation, however, there is increased pressure to wake up at the same time as most human beings. This means I have to set my alarm for a reasonable hour. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

However, one thing I didn’t count on is a mother’s innate ability to know when her child’s alarm will go off, and then wake him up moments before that alarm goes off. This robs precious moments of dream time, not to mention makes him feel as if he’s back in high school again.

I finished my first semester of college with all A’s and B’s, and I reserve the right to sleep until noon!

This cartoon was drawn in senior year, as a result of the scenario playing out again and again every morning. I don’t know why I even bothered setting an alarm all through high school.


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