I don’t agree with this cartoon

And I drew it. What the heck?

This is one of the cartoons I’ve drawn for my friends’ high school project. It’s based off of the “no work, no pay” quote from Andrew Carnegie’s “Gospel of Wealth” essay, which actually doesn’t really argue the idea being presented here (that being the apparent hypocrisy of a wealthy businessman that performs no physical labor himself).

The essay is in support of laissez-faire capitalism, which was under attack at the time (when isn’t it?), as the first big labor unions started to form.

The only reason I drew the cartoon displaying this opinion was because one of the assignment requirements was that the Gospel of Wealth speech be covered, and I had to poke fun at it somehow. That, and this would be the kind of the opinion that circulated at the time.

Not that I kept my politics out of this completely- both sides will be shown. The cartoon later will display a more realistic depiction of the effect the rhetoric of the big labor unions and those that are anti-business in general would have. It’s also a miniature homage to Atlas Shrugged.

I tried to make the twirling of the mustache look devious, but I don’t think I really pulled it off. I should have made the hand farther away from the face. I’ll file that in my mental cabinet for the future. I do think I did a good job with the “factoryscape” in the background, though.


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