Talk about non sequitur

Yet it works.

The requirements for the project, as I understand it, were that they had to cover a certain amount of topics, almost like a checklist. This cartoon was the result of the last few topics on the list that had yet to be covered. I needed to make a Ralph and Chuck cartoon that included hillbillies (who were popularized in the 1800s), Gibson Girls, machine rolled cigarettes (a pretty groundbreaking thing at the time), and machine-made coffin nails (that were able to be made using the same machines that made the cigarettes). These things were all somewhat pop culture topics rather than historical topics, so it was much easier and much more fun to play around with them than the previous cartoons.

Almost done with my first week back at college, and I’m ready for the weekend. And I’m ready to get back to drawing non 19th century cartoons!


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