Christmas in January

I wanted to post this before we got too far away from Christmas, where it would have been REALLY out of place.

I’m awfully proud of the overall presentation of this one. It has everything that one is supposed to have in a good joke: a seemingly obvious yet ambiguous setup, the sudden shift in perception to the hard punchline, and then a soft punchline to follow.

I have never understood what made Keynesian economics catch on. The idea that the government somehow needs to make up for a perceived lack of spending by it’s citizens is patently ridiculous. Where does government get its money? The citizens. When the citizens aren’t producing as much wealth, their spending has to shrink in turn. Otherwise the opportunity for improvement is extremely limited. The government can’t “make up” for that. We live in a universe of complex systems, and the economy is one of them. Let it do what it will.

I always have trouble getting my characters to look genuinely surprised. My problem is that using my drawing style, my character’s eyes are already wide. Making them wider doesn’t make them look that surprised, it just makes them look a bit weird. I still don’t know what I should do.

The Colts play tomorrow. Get excited!


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