Do the Blue

I drew, inked, and colored this cartoon all in one day. I am READY for the playoffs to begin!

I plan on posting a Colts-related cartoon tomorrow depending on the outcome of Ravens @ Colts, which starts at 8:15 today.

But man, I’m nervous.

This game is huge. This game is more important than the AFC Championship this year in many ways. All the talk about resting and perfection and rust will go away (for the most part) if we win this game. Until this game is under our belt, the playoffs can’t be about the Super Bowl. People won’t let it. Nevertheless, it’s the worst possible mentality to take into the post season. As a fan, I can’t help it. We can only hope that the team isn’t taking the same mentality.

This the healthiest playoff team we’ve had in years, and make no mistake that we can win this game, and are likely to. If we lose, it will be because we beat ourselves. We can only hope that the team will channel all the frustration and disappointment of the last two games into a drive that sends a shudder of fear throughout the five other teams left standing after this Saturday.

And they will.

“I know what’s coming. Eighteen’s coming.” -Baltimore safety Ed Reed, on the prospect of Baltimore moving on in the playoffs to face Indianapolis

Go Colts!


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