Spaghetti, or lack thereof

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

This cartoon pretty much sums up my attitude on exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly admire those that are able to torture themselves to stay healthy, but I’m sure not one of them. I’ve had several beginnings with good intentions, but they’ve never amounted to anything. Now that I’m at college, where free time is limited as it is, I have even less time to devote to physical fitness should I actually get up the drive to do so.

One way I’ve been healthier is that I haven’t been eating quite as much. At home, my go-to food was spaghetti, as it was the only thing I was able to cook. I would eat a ton of spaghetti at a time. In a dorm, it’s not nearly as easy to prepare on a regular basis, so I’ve been eating “real” food as opposed to just starch and carbohydrates, and I’ve just been eating less in general. Lisa thinks I’ve lost weight.

This cartoon was drawn in senior year, but was never published. To break down the humor, I used the “reveal” to shake the reader’s perception. The most common and effective jokes are those that builds up the reader’s expectation, then provides him with a revelation that contradicts the expectation. In other words:

He wasn’t working hard at all! LULZ

I’m spending my “day of service” by doing my homework. Riveting.


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