Humor and Wit in the American Comic Strip

Ah, taking things literally.

As I said before, if you train yourself to always hear the literal aspect of how people speak, you will always find potential jokes.

These cartoons are my favorite kind- instead of searching for the setup and punchline, they literally just pop into my head, and are “instant hits.” This is an actual event. My professor said this, I responded as Ralph did under my breath, the guy next to me laughed, and a cartoon was born. Somewhat ironically, this happened during my Humor and Wit in the Italian Renaissance class.

I spent a little more time than normal drawing and coloring the cartoon, I think because the joke came by me so easily. I’m very pleased with how the final product turned out, especially with how the gradients on the steps look. I’m getting much faster with Illustrator, now that I have finally learned that I don’t have to try to cram as much on to one layer as I possibly can. I’m glad- this means I won’t have to fight as hard daily to find time to get my cartoons done. That might change once the semester really kicks in.


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