Scott Brown to the face!

This cartoon seemed appropriate considering the results of the Massachusetts election tonight. Scott Brown is now the senator-elect from Massachusetts, and will be the 41st vote to prevent cloture by the Democrat party in the Senate. In other words, since he won, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can’t get the monstrosity of a health care bill passed. Wooo!

This also is the beginning of the end of the Obama administration. Unless he does a complete 180 on policy (which he won’t) he’ll be a total lame duck by the midterm elections in November.

I picked up an application for the Indiana Daily Student. Even if Ralph and Chuck isn’t IDS material, I’d like to get something published. Particularly something that I draw, although I do need to stretch my journalistic muscles. My J200 and J210 classes are going to really test me in that department, and I will likely be going insane by the time the pledge process for Pershing Rifles starts back up.

In other news, my Chinese roommate, who isn’t an American citizen, got a census form to fill out and I didn’t. What the heck is up with that?

I drew this cartoon in senior year, about the second stimulus bill. I was frustrated with the obvious lack of balls in Congress to prevent something this stupid and corrupt, that hadn’t even been read, from getting passed. It was my little way of protesting. I think I did a good job with Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi. I’m normally not that fantastic when it comes to caricatures- it’s one area in which I’d really like to improve.


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