Back to Miami

I didn’t post any cartoons yesterday because I was too nervous about the AFC Championship to draw. I could have posted a classic cartoon, but my heart wasn’t in it. Now I can breathe easy, at least for the next two weeks!

When I draw cartoons that take place in the dorm room, I actually try to make it look like mine to some degree. I can’t get it to look exactly like mine obviously, because then it wouldn’t look right for certain cartoons- but I still like to have it reflect where I live. For instance, while I don’t have a Colts flag, I do have the Tiananmen Square poster. I also have the same hamper, and we currently have a whiteboard and an American flag on our door. I’ll have fun when I look at these cartoons ten years in the future, I imagine.

I am thrilled. Pumped. The Colts are going to the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. Peyton Manning had what might have been one of the best games of his life when you consider that it was against the #1 ranked pass defense (and overall defense) in the NFL this year. We are rolling. I don’t care if the New Orleans Saints are the #1 seed in the NFC- I don’t think it matters right now. This is the healthiest playoff team we have ever had, and we are outplaying the opposition on all sides of the ball. If we could get 300+ yards and three touchdowns against the number one defense, imagine what we can do in South Florida.

I don’t mean to sound overconfident- the Saints are a great team, and fans will get their money’s worth. But the Colts lead the league in having more points on the board than the other team after sixty minutes, and I don’t see why the game we play in Miami won’t reflect that.

Go Colts!


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