Strawberry on the shortcake

I picked up No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle today. I thought it would be appropriate to show a throwback cartoon from when I was playing the first No More Heroes. I did a review in the Mill Stream, which I think had some of my best writing.

This cartoon is from my junior year, and it’s another one that wasn’t printed in the Mill Stream. Again, this is one that I drew pretty much just for me- I don’t think many people at my high school would have understood this cartoon, much less have appreciated it. I had fun, though. I wish I had sent this in to, but it’s a little dated to send it now.

NMH2 doesn’t really feel like a sequel so far. Right now it feels like it’s a continuation of the first game- which doesn’t bother me at all! They’ve cut out the cumbersome overworld, and the story promises to get really hectic. I’ve only cleared the first ranked battle, and I’ll be chipping away at it for a while.

While I was at GameStop, I preordered Pokemon SoulSilver as well. You’re never too old.


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