The Greeks were messed up

Greek mythology was fun. I came up with the idea from this cartoon last semester, while in class for Classical Mythology. Those are some messed up stories. The ancient Greeks must have walked around praying that they never met a god or goddess, because it never ended well in the stories.

Pledging for Pershing Rifles starts this week, and so does the semester-long grind. Now that I have a good feel for my schedule, conventional wisdom says I should have an easier time figuring out when to get cartoons done. Actual experience just says I will be crazy busy. I’m still going to try to keep up with my goal of one cartoon a day (minus weekends), even if it’s just a classic cartoon. I will try to post new ones as often as possible.

It will be especially hard to concentrate this week with Super Bowl Sunday coming up. I’m going home for the weekend to watch the game with my family, and I’m bringing all my various Colts paraphernalia home for good mojo.

Colts 34-17. Can’t wait!


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