Some whimsy for your Groundhog Day.

This cartoon was drawn in my sophomore year. Once again, I was using the “take things literally” style of humor. As long as it’s kept simple and it doesn’t take a huge stretch to present it, it’s usually pretty effective. This one is short and to the point, and utilizes Chuck’s goofy character traits.

Very rarely do I draw cartoons that I never end up finishing. There were many that were never colored (simply because it had never seriously occurred to me that I should do so), but almost every cartoon I’ve ever drawn has at least been inked. This is one of the rare exceptions. I never got around to it, I guess.

I have to write a paper tonight about the major platform differences between the Republican, Democrat, and a minor party on a major issue. Normally I would be totally jazzed, but I’m not allowed to have any sort of opinion in it. The paper has now become exceedingly boring. Maybe later I’ll draw a bit to break up the monotony.


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