Foreign language- ugh.

Honestly, there isn’t much difference from my perspective.

This cartoon is from my senior year. One thing in this cartoon that I would change if I could would be for Chuck to say that he didn’t understand his calculus lesson, rather than his calculus class. I had one or two people who read this cartoon say that they didn’t get it, because they didn’t understand that Chuck was referring to the class that he just left.

I never took German, but I felt it worked better in this cartoon than Spanish, since Spanish is a more ubiquitous high school language. More people would consider German “a foreign language I don’t understand” than they would Spanish.

I’m thinking about foreign language because I’m taking Spanish again this semester. I have little patience for foreign language, and that stems from high school. The methods in this course make much more sense than the stupid grammar lessons we had to deal with in high school, but that still doesn’t stop it from being annoying when I understand 99% of what the professor is saying, but can’t understand it because I’ve forgotten the translation of one word.

And the fact that it’s at 8:00 AM every morning doesn’t make me ecstatic, either.


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