I don’t care if it’s blasphemous- I’m not a Muslim.

I stand with Matt Stone and Trey Parker of “South Park.” Comedy Central should as well.

Basic logic: I eat pigs and cows. I wear shoes made of leather. Sundays are not always days of relaxation for me. I do things on a regular basis that violate the codes of different religions. I’m sure I’m violating codes every day that I don’t even know about .

I also draw cartoons. I’m not going to change my habits based on any religious codes for anything else, so why should I change the way I draw cartoons? I understand and believe in being polite, but only to a point. Look at this cartoon. Is it offensive? Muhammad and my cartoon characters are smiling and waving at the reader. That’s it. Yet even something this basic is punishable by death by certain radical segments of Islam. Heaven forbid I should actually draw something that really could be considered offensive, like Muhammad with bombs strapped to his chest, or Muhammad with an underage wife. Should I feel like it, however, there is no reason I can’t do that.

Muslims need to suck it up just like all of the people of all different faiths have to. Learn to take a joke. If you had, Muhammad probably wouldn’t have shown up in as many episodes of “South Park” in the first place, to be perfectly honest. We have free speech in this country. Get used to it.


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