YOU get socialism!

Click here if you don’t get the humpback whale allusion.

The big difference, of course, is that Oprah comes through on her promises because she limits them to one studio audience, and uses her own money. Obama uses other people’s money to spend on anyone that manages to get within the U.S. border.

Chuck’s playing a cobalt blue DS Lite, what I have. The hinge on mine broke recently, but the thing still works. I’m being extra conscious of my spending lately, so I probably won’t pick up an unmarred portable until the 3DS comes out later on. Until then, I’m playing games like Pokemon and Ace Attorney Investigations at the moment. Anything with real-time action is too much of a nuisance right now.

It’s fun to draw such minimalistic shapes and have them resemble something like a large crowd, without any real stretch of the imagination. I feel like Bob Ross, who could whip out a whole forest in under 60 seconds. In cartoons especially, simple is almost always better.


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