Finals and footbags

I can’t believe I’ve been at college for almost a year. Since it’s finals week, I thought I would post a finals-related cartoon from Ralph and Chuck’s high school days. As for me, three tests and I’m done. I still have to move all my crap back to Noblesville, but that’s another story.

I drew this cartoon junior year of high school. You can see my feeble attempts to promote the blog early on in the first gutter, but I guess no one cared. Since I’m being better at upkeep, I might try something like that again if I ever get published somewhere else (like the Indiana Daily Student, mayhaps?).

I have to say, people that hacky sack annoy the heck out of me. You could be the best hacky sacker the world has ever known, but to me all you’ll ever be is someone that gets in the way while I’m trying to walk down the sidewalk.


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