I can’t wait for Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is out, and my family is watching the first two movies in anticipation. Pixar is one of the few rocks I can count on in the modern entertainment industry, and it’s a breath of fresh air when a new film makes its way to movie screens. Based on the reviews I’ve read, Toy Story 3 has exceeded expectations, and the only reason I haven’t sprung to see it yet is because it’s a family affair, and we need to wait for a time when we can see it together.

I’ve been keeping myself busy this summer, despite my failure to land a job. I waited too long to apply, so it’s my own fault. I suspect that at this point in the summer no one wants to higher any seasonal employees, and of course it’s difficult to land a job in the first place given the current economic climate. Especially for young adults.

I’ve been reading and drawing (and playing a healthy amount of video games), and I’ve visited Gary Varvel of the Indianapolis Star! I’ll talk about that trip in detail in my next post. I’ve been lax about updating the blog, but what else is new? It’s hard when there’s no indication that anyone is reading it, much less enjoying it. I’m hoping that will change if I can get Ralph and Chuck running in the Indiana Daily Student this semester. My fingers are crossed.


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