A cartoon by a small person

Oh, BP. When the entire world is inclined to hate you, you better watch what your people say.

Honestly, what was said wasn’t really that bad. Ask anyone who works in retail to honestly say what they think of their customers, and (at least in my experience) the choices of words won’t be the nicest. But the point is that regardless of what you are thinking, you put on a smiling face and pretend that there is nothing in the world you would rather do than cater to a customer’s every whim. Mistakes happen. But when you are the chairman of a company (under intense scrutiny!), they shouldn’t. The PR line should be easy to stick to, and calling all of the victims of your company’s screwup “small people” is just plain stupid. It’s a Bill Polian-esque facepalm moment, except I’ll guarantee that Carl-Henric Svanberg isn’t nearly as valuable to BP as Polian is the the Colts. He needs to watch his mouth.

I drew this cartoon as soon as I heard the story, but it had just been sitting in a folder for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to get it out there before the story became too dated; I hope it isn’t already.

Jimmy makes an appearance again. I really need to flesh out his character. As of right now, he just pops up whenever a “short” joke is made. It’s weird: I know this character’s personality well in my head, but I’ve never really conveyed it on paper. I’d like to do that in the future.


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