Race politics is the politics of cowards

Man, I hate race politics.

Instead of every other type of allegation, for some reason calling someone “racist” makes them guilty until proven innocent. It’s among the worst insults you can give to someone in this country, and is used when the accuser has run out of legitimate arguments against the opposition. It’s cowardly. It poisons debate, taking away the merit of reasonable arguments on both sides. It’s bandied about far too often, and it cheapens itself to the point that when a real racist comes along, the word doesn’t mean much of anything anymore.

The NAACP knows this, which is why they are accusing the Tea Party of racism. If the Tea Party was racist, they wouldn’t have to cite evidence that has proven to be a lie. It’s not about race, it’s about politics. If they really cared about racism, they would be attacking the New Black Panther Party or Louis Farrakhan as well. If they really cared about civil rights, they wouldn’t be blocking voucher systems that let the parents of poor black kids choose where their child goes to school. This is about politics. The NAACP is just another tool of the Democratic Party. Their guy is black, so it’s politically convenient to accuse the other side of racism.

It’s unfortunate to see the once great civil rights organization lose all integrity to political corruption.


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