New banner, new direction

Well, not really a new direction. More like a direction this comic strip has been heading for quite a long time. I want to make Ralph and Chuck a conservative comic strip, not just a comic strip with a conservative point of view. Or to put it another way; instead of a comic strip that occasionally has political strips, I want a comic strip where political strips are the norm.

I love current events, and I’m absorbing the news media 24/7. I approach almost everything I do with a political mindset. That’s already been coming across in my cartoons. My political strips have far outnumbered my non-political strips as of late, and that’s not from me trying. That’s just from where my mind has been. It’s time to stop pretending and to make politics my focus. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop doing non-political strips- this new focus is more of an acknowledgement of what’s been happening rather than an actual plan for the future.

(Also, I thought my banner could use an update. When the characters on your banner stop looking like the characters in your cartoons, you know it’s time for a change.)


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