This president is the joke

It doesn’t matter if one is on the right track if one is going the wrong direction.

This was a stupid enough joke that I just couldn’t ignore it. Our president is running the country in the ground, but he’s good humored enough to make a funny that isn’t even witty. To begin with, the idea that politics is defined by parties is one that really irks me. When you ask someone what their politics are, and they simply answer “Republican” or “Democrat,” they aren’t really answering the question. Voting for one party or another isn’t instantly the “right” or “wrong” decision. It’s about the people that are in office, and there are terrible ones on both sides of the aisle. Even though I’m an admitted right winger, I don’t think that simply voting Republican will fix all of the country’s problems. In fact, because of the type of people we have running, it probably would be better for conservatives if Republicans won control of the House but not the Senate.

The parties are a vehicle to enact political change, not the change itself. Constant grassroots pressure to elect the right people will be what gets us out of this mess.


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