Happy Constitution Day!

Not only is it the 223rd anniversary of the greatest legal document the world has ever known, but it’s also Ralph and Chuck’s first day in the Indiana Daily Student!

The purpose of today’s cartoon is to introduce the characters. I want it to be clear which is which, and I plan to reinforce their names in the future, especially in the first few weeks. People always ask “Now, which one’s which?” I know that it’s because no one reads the cartoon regularly, but it still kind of kills me inside. I have these great characters with distinct personalities, but no one can tell them apart. I hope that changes.

The cartoon is also an homage to Garfield’s first strip, so before any comic strip buffs can accuse me of plagiarizing:

So this cartoon is my own personal nod to Jim Davis. I don’t plan to break the fourth wall very often, but it’s fun to do it every once in a while to keep readers feeling engaged. I hope that putting Ralph and Chuck’s website in the panel gutter will encourage more people to come on the blog and give feedback, but I don’t want to go the route of shameless self-promotion by asking people to visit the blog in the actual comic strip.

What do you think of the first cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


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