If you really care, make an effort

The second Ralph and Chuck cartoon is in the Indiana Daily Student! I’ll tell you, I still had to get my hands on a paper and check to see that it was there. I can’t shake this paranoid feeling that there’s been some sort of mistake and that my cartoon will be pulled one day without my knowing it.

The point of this cartoon is that the people that care about voting will find a way to vote. There are two reasons why I oppose satellite voting locations:

1) It costs money. More money than we need to spend, particularly during the economic climate. The focus should be on saving taxpayer dollars.

2) It’s not that hard to vote. It’s not hard to make it to the polls, and if someone honest-to-God cannot make it, they can vote absentee. My polling location is Read Residence Center. I know it’s not hard for most IU students to make it to Read at some point on Tuesday, November 2, if voting is really that important to them.

What I hate about early voting is that it allows people to be taken in. When someone can register and vote in the same day, they can be manipulated by party members into making rash decisions. Yes, Democrats are better at doing this than Republicans. Yes, first-time voters tend to vote Democrat (which isn’t something to necessarily be proud of). But it’s more than just the number of votes for either side. Taking the time to register and make sure you know where you’re going ensures that at least at some point down the line the thought “Hm, maybe I should research these candidates” floats through your brain before you step into a polling booth. Usual registration processes show more respect for democracy than the “register and vote in just five minutes” mentality. Voting for candidates that represent us in legislative bodies shouldn’t be like voting for American Idol.

What are your thoughts on satellite voting? What do you think of the cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


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