I post this cartoon with profound humility

Who are the ones denying climate change?

I’m going to try to avoid having so much emphasis on one arena of the political sphere so much. If I made all of my cartoons about watermelon environmentalism, people would get really bored really fast. I want variety, and I’m sure my readers do, too. I wanted to make sure that IDS readers were properly introduced to Libby. Not everyone reads the blog (who am I kidding, no one does), so I wanted to make sure I at least provided a name drop. In hindsight, I should have run this cartoon first and saved my ‘save the planet’ cartoon for another time.

It’s really the epitome of arrogance, though. Not only are we dooming the fate of the planet by our production of relatively miniscule amounts of carbon dioxide (now considered a “pollutant” by the Supreme Court… I don’t like halitosis either, but come on), but we can now control the weather climate (whatever) by seizing control over the means of production. Hubris.

What do you think of today’s cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “I post this cartoon with profound humility

  1. Our long-winded debates about the degree to which human activity is responsible for the current changes in climate never seem to go anywhere, so I’ll make this one almost-absurdly narrow:

    “Weather” and “Climate” are not interchangeable terms. When you’re around scientists (well, AtSci-ers, anyway), that’ll make them wince almost as much as using “theory” and “hypothesis” interchangeably. Just some [hopefully well-received ;)] commentary from a student in the scientific community.

    • Thank you… I know the difference. I was using “control the weather” as a general sort of term. When people talk of the future, they talk of “controlling the weather,” not controlling the climate.

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