I’d poke that

I can assure you that running this cartoon in today’s Indiana Daily Student has nothing to do with “The Social Network” movie coming out today. But it sure worked out well, huh?

This cartoon is meant to illustrate the love/hate/irrational relationship I have with Facebook. I spend way too much time on Facebook. I know everyone says that, but I really do. If I’m on a computer, Facebook is open in one of my tabs. Any news story I think is the least bit interesting ends up being posted on Facebook, even though 99% of the time no one even takes the time for a look or a “like”. I have an incessant need to post at least one new status every day. This is all with a rather modest friends list (311 as of this writing). Technically, I could quit Facebook right now and not miss much out of my life. I would probably benefit a great deal, with the additional free time alone.

But one thing that is great about Facebook that I don’t get much out of real life are my conservative Facebook friends (although I’ve finally met a few in person through IU College Republicans). I don’t get to speak with like-minded people on a regular basis. I mean, I’m a conservative on a college campus. You just don’t meet many that share your opinions, or that are willing to admit to sharing them. For me, Facebook is primarily for politics, and I get to converse with people that feel the same way. Social networking is truly a great tool in this regard, so I overlook the fact that I get a bit obsessive over it sometimes.

On a somewhat related note, Ralph and Chuck are on Facebook. “Like” us if you love us!

What kind of social networking habits do you have? What do you think of the cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


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