Nothing gets a party started like a trebuchet

My mind has always made weird jumps in logic.

My family can attest to this, and they remember some of the bizarre things that I’ve said over the years better than I can. My sister is especially prone to make fun of me.

This cartoon is meant to be representative of those moments where I make an observation or offer a factoid that makes people around me get a “huh?” look on their face. If you don’t mind a long and potentially nerdy explanation, this particular cartoon is of a thought I had while solving a brain teaser sent to me by a friend. The goal was to see how many different synonyms you could make from the word “leaping” in a certain time period. I later found out that the directions had not been relayed properly, and that the goal was actually to find out how many words you could make from the LETTERS in “leaping.” C’est la vie.

While I was doing it, I came up with “catapult,” and started thinking about other devices that could be used as verbs for “leaping.” “Trebuchet” didn’t work, and I thought that it was kind of funny that it didn’t. It made for a good cartoon because “trebuchet” in and of itself is a fun word to say. If I were to offer my observation to the first person I saw without any context, I would have to imagine the reaction would be similar to Chuck’s.

Has anyone else had moments like this? What do you think of the cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


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