Yes, that’s a Prius.

Although this behavior is seen more in their massive following than in their politicians (who at least have to give religion some lip service since they run for office), the same left that will not shut up about how tolerant they are can’t seem to tolerate any sort of belief or opinion that stems from Christianity. We’re all bigoted, ignorant and/or stupid for having our religious beliefs. This type of wholly embraced ridicule doesn’t seem to be directed towards any other religion besides Christianity.

What gets me is that it’s still considered “edgy” to go after Christianity. Christians won’t kill you if you draw a cartoon of Jesus. If you want to be brave, go after Islam. See how quickly people try to shut you up. See how quickly the entire country, nay, the entire world will turn against you. Maybe Pastor Jones should have called it art.


4 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. Christians are a dominant group, and they’re THE dominant group in the culture of the people you’re trying to get after.
    You might see bumper stickers, but whoop-de-doo. Christians aren’t discriminated against on any large scale, or stereotyped as terrorists.

    • We’re not discriminated against on a large scale, and neither is any other religious group in this country, which was founded by Christians. Compared to all of the nations in the world, America is historically the most tolerant of other religions. Any example of religious discrimination you can cite in this country can be outdone by a far worse example in another country. And we’re not stereotyped as terrorists because we don’t blow things up on a regular basis! Our “extremists” are nowhere near their “extremists.” I’ll insert a token “of course not all Muslims are terrorists” here, but the difference is that you’ll hardly ever see figures in the media say “of course not all Christians are bigoted/ignorant/stupid.” And you’ll almost never see a politician rush to a Christian’s defense. There IS a double standard, and “Christians are a dominant group” is not a viable excuse. I touched on that when I talked about the bravery of those who attack Christianity (how there is none). I’m trying to show that no group has a monopoly on tolerance… certainly not the left.

  2. “And we’re not stereotyped as terrorists because we don’t blow things up on a regular basis”

    Are you kidding me? What’s the casualty ratio of Christians to Muslims been when they’ve been in conflict since, eh, 1980?

    “but the difference is that you’ll hardly ever see figures in the media say “of course not all Christians are bigoted/ignorant/stupid.”

    Well, duh, just like you won’t hear media figures in Islamic countries feel compelled to make such a statement about Muslims– it’s just not enough of a widely-held sentiment to be anything close to relevant.

    You can’t seriously sit here and proceed to tell me that you think that Christians have it worse in American society than Muslims do– the scales of “discrimination” are just not even comparable.
    Yeah, obviously the institution of Christianity gets knocked around quite a bit, but that’s because it’s such an immense figure in American society in the first place!
    It’s like trying to say that Republicans have it dramatically harder than Green party members because you see so much more popular lambasting of Republicans… well, no poo, that’s because the Republican party is actually a dominant/relevant figure in American political society. The difference here is that, while no one really gives much of a darn about the Greenies, there is MASSIVE anti-Islamic sentiment that Muslims actually have to DEAL WITH when they live their daily lives.

    • In terms of deliberately targeting innocent civilians? Are you really asking that?
      As I’ve said, the “Christians are the dominant group” argument doesn’t excuse the treatment when you proselytize “tolerance” 24 hours a day. If Christianity comes up in the conversation more, fine. That makes sense. But when everyone swarms to defend Muslims at the smallest perceived slight while it’s taken for granted that Christians are stupid and mean, there’s a problem. You should either give the same sort of defense for both belief systems, or you should be like South Park and take shots at everyone.

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