I don’t condone the damaging of books

This is another one of those cartoons where the idea manifests itself out of thin air.

I was heading back to my dorm after dinner with my girlfriend, and I was telling her that I needed to “hit the books” to study for my midterm. I got a mental image of myself throwing my books against the wall (not that I condone damaging books*), and I added “then I might actually read them.” Voila! Cartoon.

I’ve found that a lot of my humor is derived from taking what people say literally. My girlfriend calls it being a smart ass. I call it looking for cartoon fodder.

My midterm was in “Politics and Citizenry in the Information Age” class. There was more writing than I preferred, but I think it went well. It helps that I’m interested in the subject, but I had much more fun drawing the cartoon than I did studying.

What do you think of the cartoon? Let me know in the comments!

*Incidentally, I found a green Gideons International pocket version of the New Testament on the ground today- not where it should be. If it belongs to anyone, let me know so I can return it.


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