Meet Sarah

Another “new” character. Sarah was actually Ralph and Chuck’s first female character. Between Sarah and Lily, Sarah is definitely the more “girly” character, and the more serious of the two as well. She tends to get annoyed easily, and it doesn’t help that she dates Chuck.

I haven’t used Sarah this semester, and I’ve barely used Lily. The women of Ralph and Chuck are more apolitical, and most of the time they operate as soundboards for Ralph and Chuck when they comment on current events. I use the girls more when a joke is funnier from a feminine perspective, or when I’m making a “difference between the sexes” observation. If gender isn’t a factor, I usually stick with Ralph and Chuck as my vehicles. I’m a guy, so it makes sense to tell my jokes through them… and they are the titular characters, after all.

This cartoon, like so many others, was inspired by a conversation with my girlfriend. Every once in a while, she’ll ask me to remember something for her, and I’ll look at her like she’s crazy. I can barely remember my own itinerary, and most of the time she is the one reminding me about something. When she asks me to remind her about something, I remind her right then because there is a very good chance I won’t remember later. I know my limitations, so in some small way this lets me feel like I’ve met an obligation I know I can’t. This is another idiosyncrasy that usually leads to me being called a smart ass.

What do you think of today’s cartoon? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. This cartoon is running on a Thursday because of Monday’s pulled cartoon. Even though I was censored, I was still allowed to run three strips this week. How nice.


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