Pumpkins and politics

Ah, carving jack-o’-lanterns. One of the things you miss out on when you live in a dorm.

I do tend to see almost everything in terms of politics. Once you start becoming aware of politics, it’s hard not to. It’s part of culture. While I’ll admit shoehorning it into pumpkin carving is a tad extreme, it’s apparent that most everything that happens in this country can be divided along lines of wrong left and right. A lot of people like to see things in shades of grey, but I think that dividing line is pretty solid most of the time. I’ve learned that usually when you hear the word “bipartisan” to describe an act of Congress it means that you’ve lost some of your liberty.

I don’t have any big Halloween plans, other to continue volunteering for the Republican Party (there I go again) this weekend. Less than a week left until election day! I want to remind all my liberal friends to vote on November 3.

I’m really proud of the way this cartoon turned out. I have a lot of detail in there, and the aesthetics of pumpkins are just fun to draw. I tried to make Sarah’s pumpkin actually look like Hillary Clinton, but it’s hard to make a caricature via jack-o’-lantern and still have it believable that Sarah didn’t intend to carve it that way. I think the cartoon still works (and might even work better) by having Chuck project his observation onto a fairly generic-looking pumpkin.

What are your plans for Halloween? What do you think of the cartoon? Let me know in the comments!


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