Puzzles and polling booths

If there’s some reliable method to solving a Rubik’s Cube, I have yet to discover it on my own. One of these days I’m going to do a little research and solve one.

This cartoon was originally set to run last Wednesday, but had to be pulled for space reasons. At first I thought I had been censored again: someone on the editorial staff is color blind and was horribly offended by the cartoon (wouldn’t surprise me). Nope, safe this time!

As a bonus, I get to run an extra cartoon this week. What’s even better is that the extra cartoon will run tomorrow, on election day! I’ll have a special election-themed cartoon that won’t be too blatantly partisan. I promise.

I’m very excited about this election. Not so much about any candidate in particular, but about the country as a whole. Regardless of how many Tea Party candidates win or lose, what this movement has done is nothing short of amazing. The founding principles have at the very least been given lip service in every race in the country, and that’s all a testament to this movement. The Tea Party has already won. This cry for a return to limited constitutional government won’t end this cycle, and it won’t end when a Republican is elected president in 2012. This is much bigger than any single-issue third party, and unlike the other liberty-based third parties, the Tea Party is not encumbered by the limitations of the two party system. Instead, we are hijacking the Republican Party from within, and we’ll change it even if we have to drag the party leadership kicking and screaming.

It’s no surprise that the most visible races in the country are the ones in which the Tea Party-backed candidates are involved. The races have gotten increasingly nasty as time has gone on, with the Tea Party candidates getting blitzed from all sides: the opposition, the media, and the Republican Party elite. I hope most if not all can overcome the obstacles to pull off the win, especially the Senate races. That would send a big message to the Party leadership that we’re not messing around.

I’ll be pulling an all-nighter (or very close to one) this evening to volunteer for the election. Nothing’s certain in District 9, but I am certain that I can’t wait to step into that voting booth. Making my decision tomorrow will be much easier than solving a Rubik’s Cube.


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