Election day

I’m excited, to say the least.

I’ve been waiting to vote for two years. The primaries whet my appetite, but this was what I was most looking forward to… watching the results roll in on election night as the Republicans take back control of the House, and maybe even the Senate. And not just any old Republicans: Republicans that have been compelled to at least give limited, constitutional government lip service to an angry base of conservatives that are more awake than they’ve been in a long time.

Not all Republicans get it, though, particularly the party leadership. I can sum it up best in my cartoon that was published specifically for the election issue of the Indiana Standard:

This is why I especially hope the Tea-Party backed candidates win today, especially Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle. Angle, because unseating Harry Reid would just shock waves through the political establishment, but I especially want the long shot O’Donnell to win. She faced the full vitriol of the Republican establishment immediately after her primary victory, and it made me sick. The Republican Party elite is so shortsighted and stubborn it’s disgusting.

It’s not even an issue of principles versus pragmatism: It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Republicans were perfectly content to sit through a decade of Democratic control, so long as their jobs were safe. The Republican Party has not been a principled party for some time. The primaries and this election are important first steps in purging the self-interested, parasitic politicians from the Party’s ranks, and making the Republican Party a force for constitutional, limited government with a vested interest in protecting personal freedoms.

I’m looking forward to watching election coverage tonight. Regardless of what happens, I can be rest assured that Nancy Pelosi will be out of a job come tomorrow morning. That alone is reason to celebrate.


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