Another old idea from high school. It’s pretty self-explanatory: our generation doesn’t really appreciate the opportunities it has. It’s hard to get into the right mindset. We’ve all grown up with computers, and it’s very difficult to imagine life without them.

Not to mention cell phones.

I didn’t have a cartoon run yesterday, but I think it’s important that I give thanks to those who have served in our military here all the same. Without them, we wouldn’t have the important opportunities like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, much less the ability to watch ferrets on YouTube. All of us are lucky to live in a country protected by such great men and women.

I had a busy week, so I ended up reusing some old ideas more often than I would have liked. I would prefer to use new ideas every day, both to keep things fresh and to prove that the creativity well won’t run dry later on, if by some miracle this ends up being a career. Right now I’m enjoying a weekend home with my family. Look for a new cartoon Monday!


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