One lump or two?

Late on a blog post again. Having a big project due Tuesday of dead week will do that to you.

I am incredibly relieved that my last big assignment before finals is finished. This means I can actually study instead of just keep up with new material as it comes.

I just started using Pandora about a week ago. It’s cool! It’s really uncanny about how it picks music that you’ll enjoy. Except it kept thinking that I wanted to listen to Coldplay on my Killers radio station. Fortunately it will stop playing an artist after two “thumbs down.” Part of what I find most entertaining is reading the part where it tells you why it picked a certain song, which inspired this cartoon. Ralph’s description was of the very first Def Leppard song that came up for me, “Animal,” which just so happens to be my favorite. I understand that the formula that is used to find music you like is somewhat complex, but the little description still sounds pretentious. It was ripe for a cartoon.

Ralph and Chuck will be run tomorrow and Friday, and there will be one more on the Monday of Finals week. There won’t be another one in print until January, but I might post some of my cartoons from high school over break just for giggles.


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