Breaking the fourth wall again.

It doesn’t happen often, but I love it when cartoon characters acknowledge the fact that they are cartoon characters, or that they are constantly performing for an audience.

One of my favorite examples of this is a “The Far Side” cartoon with the caption “Cartoon teenagers,” with a teenage boy yelling at his parents “I wish I’d never been drawn!” I was trying to do something similar with this cartoon. I got the idea from an episode of Hey Arnold! where Helga Pataki referred to one of her fists as “The Five Avengers.” I found this amusing because as a cartoon character she only had four fingers, which led to the cartoon you see here.

It’s also a visual gag, which is my favorite to draw because it is so much more difficult to come up with the ideas. Sequential art at its heart is the marriage of writing and drawing, with one being unable to survive without the other. If you take away the “high five,” the cartoon ceases to have meaning, and the “high five” alone would have been equally innocuous. This is the kind of cartoon where if I were to someday become wildly successful, I would hang on a wall as representative of the “early days” of Ralph and Chuck.


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