Finally done with all of my assignments!

Now I can focus on finals (yay?), but that doesn’t mean that a great deal of pressure is finally gone. Christmas break actually seems like a tangible possibility instead of something far off in the distance that won’t ever get here.

It also helps that the Colts managed to snap their losing streak against the Titans. Peyton played a great mistake-free game, and all the haters crawled back under their rocks, at least for this week. The only way we can be sure of a playoff berth (and a Super Bowl win, for that matter) is to win the next six games we play. Not easy, but it’s not like people covet the Lombardi trophy because it’s easy to get. With the best quarterback to ever play manning (lol) our team, anything is possible.

I’m very proud of this cartoon. It has everything I try to incorporate on a regular basis: a good setup, a reversal of the audience’s expectations, and a hard punch line as well as a soft punch line. Ralph’s answer to Lily’s question is funny, but Chuck’s response to Ralph is also funny for a completely different reason. Bill Amend, the artist behind FoxTrot, is a master at this.

For now, I’m going to start reviewing old material. I’m glad only two of my finals are comprehensive, which means a lot less to review!


2 thoughts on “Believing

  1. He has me beat– I was at least 18 or 19 before I stopped believing in high-income tax cuts as a way to develop job growth.

    …oh, come on– you knew I had to say something. 😉

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