Back to school

As much as I love being home, I always love the start of a new semester of school.

No, really. It’s nice having new classes and new opportunities, and at least for the first few weeks, a heightened work ethic. At the very least, sheer novelty keeps one entertained.

Both of these cartoon ideas came from the beginning of last semester. I haven’t utilized them until now because they wouldn’t have been timely (and Ralph and Chuck wasn’t published at that point!). They both deserved to see the light of day, though.

The first cartoon is inspired by my grandma! She is very stubborn when it comes to doting on her grandkids. We had pretty much the same exchange the last semester, and it resulted in a new TV and my spaghetti pot with a built-in strainer, the two things I use most at IU (Besides my textbooks, of course. Hi Mom and Dad!).

The second cartoon comes from the glazed look I have seen on my peers’ faces at the beginning at the first Spanish class of each semester. My foreign language classes have always been scheduled very early in the morning, and most of us are still in denial that school has started back up again in the first place. The last thing we feel like doing at 8:00 AM is “participating” in a language we’ve all forgotten how to speak.

I’m looking forward to all of my classes this semester, as they all pertain to either journalism or political science, the things I love to read about anyway. Except for Spanish, but at least it’s my last semester of that!


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