This time, I’m not as amused.

I was told that this cartoon had been pulled on the grounds of the topic being “too sensitive” for the features section (where the comic strips are published) and because the issue was being covered in the opinion page.

Thing is, nearly all of the opinion coverage was blaming the right in some fashion.

I don’t think there is anything inherently offensive about this cartoon. It’s not gratuitous, it’s not shocking or insulting, and it isn’t profane in any way. The most controversial thing about it I would have to say is the phrase “blood on their hands,” which I have heard repeating many times from liberal pundits and commenters over the last few days. And even if the opinion coverage had been exhausting the topic, this side of the controversy had not been covered.

I feel like this cartoon was rejected because of the opinion, not the subject matter. That, or the comic strip medium is not being taken seriously as a platform for any serious political commentary.When I applied as a cartoonist, I made no secret that I planned to cover politics, and that my cartoons would have a conservative slant. If I was expected to avoid giving commentary on controversial subjects (politics does tend to be controversial), then I shouldn’t have been hired. I am concerned when I am told that a topic is essentially “off-limits” to me, but not to the opinion staff.

I am trying to arrange a meeting to discuss the cartoon with someone to find out what, specifically, was objectionable about it, and to express that I am willing to make some changes to a degree to allow the cartoon to be published. From where I stand right now, this rejection seems unwarranted and unfair. I hope I can get some clarification or resolution in the next day or so, and to hopefully have this cartoon published in the IDS.


7 thoughts on “Censored.

    • I’m glad you agree. The other cartoons I’ve had pulled in the past I can look at and say “I get that.” This one floored me.

  1. I think the only offensive thing beyond how dumb this is, is that you try to put mein kampf in with communist manifesto as some leftist rag. You just have to ignore the murder of the actual socialists, communists and other liberal groups by the nazis, and you’re there! But of course, I’ve seen your “cartoons” before. Intellectual depth is lacking, to say the least.

    • It’s more along the lines of “every sane person recognizes Hitler is bad” and that if you described Mein Kampf as a favorite book, your judgement can’t really be all that sound. Also, Nazis WERE for big, pervasive government. They didn’t really persecute opposing groups because of the groups’ ideology as much as because they were opposing groups. Again, the faulty logic of “anyone that hurts someone on the left must be someone on the right” doesn’t really work.

      I love how you put “cartoons” in quotes as if mine don’t satisfy the definition of “cartoon.”

  2. ^^^I agree that there’s a common and unfortunate glossing over of the National Socialists’ persecution of actual leftists in 1930s Germany, especially in instances where people try to claim that Nazism was some sort of leftist movement.

    In this case, however, establishing that Loughner named both The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as favorite books demonstrates, more than anything, that he was disconnected from the political mainstream.
    Not being connected to the political mainstream is certainly not inherently bad, as I myself would obviously argue, but it definitely de-legitimizes the claim that people within mainstream political bounds, such as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, are the obvious cause of Loughner’s rampage.

    • I don’t think Nazis were really right or left. It was more along the lines of “Let’s get power and run with it. Go Aryan Germany!” Conquering isn’t really an ideology.

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