Speeches and scapegoats

I didn’t make a blog post on Friday because I was on my way to Washington D.C., and didn’t have access to the internet for three days. I caught a nasty bug over the weekend, so I was all but out of commission on Monday and Tuesday-hence no blog post then.

Friday’s cartoon was my commentary on President Obama’s Tucson memorial speech. Ignoring the bizarre campaign-style atmosphere at the event (I understand the venue was more the University’s responsibility) I thought Obama’s speech was very lacking. The first half was just how it should have been- remembering the victims and their families. The second half was disgraceful and entirely unnecessary, only serving to inject politics into a ceremony that should have been about healing. There is no evidence that heated rhetoric caused this tragedy, and even if there was, this was not the time or place to lecture the American people. He should have done it at the White House later, or, I don’t know, when all of the blood libel (yes, blood libel) began on Saturday!

This was calculated. Obama let his friends to do the dirty work by tossing out ridiculous and deplorable accusations throughout the week while he gets to smell like a rose. An entire portion of the population was made a scapegoat for this horrible crime despite all the evidence pointing to the fact they had nothing to do with it, and our president said nothing. Waiting to see if a man “acts presidential” every time he gives a speech is not my idea of good leadership. A president should be presidential, and be expected to be presidential. I’m sick of the media acting like this guy has exceeded expectations every time he opens his mouth. He has yet to meet the standard of leadership equal to the prestige of the office he holds.

The second cartoon is about an experience that I expect many people experienced this week. The zodiac signs changed! Or did they? I’m not the only one that was confused, I’m sure. I’m a Capricorn, and I did think I had become a Sagittarius. It was a disappointment when I learned that I was stuck as a goat, and of course I thought of poor Charlie Brown, the world’s biggest goat. But at least Charlie Brown was never falsely accused of being an accessory to murder (I was wondering how I was going to tie those two together)!


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