Lost in translation

We all have love/hate relationships with our alarms.

When I finished this cartoon, I was a little worried that it would be too difficult to understand. I was trying to show that Ralph thought his alarm worked “fine” now that it was broken, because now it didn’t wake him up early in the morning. That might not have come across very clearly in the short sentence at the end of the cartoon. An unintended interpretation might be that Ralph thought his alarm worked “fine” because it worked too well; he couldn’t shut it off. It’s still funny, but not what I was trying to do. I test-drove it on Lisa to see if she understood it, and she did. I hope everyone else does as well.

I got this idea from a friend who destroyed his clock in an effort to turn off the alarm before realizing that the alarm was sounding from a different device entirely. That scenario would have been difficult to convey in a few short panels, so I opted for this interpretation. Sometimes it’s hard to translate something into another medium. I have so many funny thoughts that I want to turn into cartoons, but they usually end up getting scrapped because they’re too complicated to show in just a few panels. It helps me empathize more with people that attempt to adopt books into movies, although it’s still hard to forgive some things.


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