The Countdown is finally over

Countdown with Keith Olbermann is over, and I’m slightly disappointed. A little bit of your fun is taken away when a high-profile whipping boy leaves the stage. Also, I appreciated Keith Olbermann’s honesty (if not always intellectual, at least political). Olbermann at the very least would unabashedly argue for the liberal side without hiding behind a veil of objectivity. You knew what you were going to get when you watched Olbermann, and the roundup of sound bites from the left won’t be quite the same with him gone.

But yes, only slightly disappointed. I’m not shedding any tears. The “countdown to no ratings” is over.


6 thoughts on “The Countdown is finally over

  1. I stumbled upon this by accident, it’s hilarious to use the “he gets lower ratings” bs like fox news. Keith Olbermann could be wrong about everything he’s ever said, and he’d still have more intellectual depth and political accuracy then everything you’ve ever drawn wrapped in every big hollywood column. Stereotypical midwestern “I din’a gota no big college to challenge anything”. To say you’re dumb as a stick would insult both the stick and dumb people.

    • Considering the topic I was addressing was the END OF THE SHOW, I think it’s relevant to address the ratings as a potential factor.

      I would take your comment about intellectual depth more seriously if you understood the difference between the comma and semicolon and had used the word “than” properly. It also doesn’t behoove your argument to insult an entire region of our country with a largely incoherent parody of a dialect.

  2. Well, genius, brilliant retort aside, I do know the difference, though the necessity is downplayed on a comment on an internet site. Though the slippage in using the wrong “then”, speaking of the audacity of dope. It doesn’t behoove your own intelligence to keep this site up. Keep the argument to yourself, I won’t be back. So you can stay here and keep up the right wing indiana hick smug. And your incoherent parody of a “comic” strip can continue to be unfunny. To continue this any further would only prove two adages – that even winning an argument on the internet doesn’t mean you’re not still retarded, and that arguing with you would be like arguing with a dining room table. And I have no interest in either. Enjoy your college time spent thinking you can outsmug your profs.

  3. I did forget one little addendum I should add, if that words not too big for you, genius. yes its the END OF THE SHOW, as you proclaim. But his was often the highest rated on the network. And had nothing to do with ratings. And the only funny thing about your strip is that it’s funny idiots like you write “comics” about “who is he anyway”, when every panty waist repug like you shits their pants at every jab he gets in at rush /palin et al.

    • The idea came to me after I asked my girlfriend if she knew who Keith Olbermann was. Her answer was no.

      Believe it or not, you are not my target audience. This blog is here primarily for my family and friends that don’t have access to the IDS. Anyone else that is interested is just gravy.

      “Highest rated on the network” isn’t saying much.

  4. @ The Smug, it kills me- It’s interesting that you are making fun of midwestern “hicks”, but your profile picture is a quilt pattern. Nothing you have written has implied that you have earned a college education, so I would stop bashing this strip’s author. In doing so, you devalue your argument about the cartoon’s content. You appear more “smug” than anything Tommy has written thus far.

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