Palin doesn’t need any help, Dana

Ralph and Chuck is in color in the IDS today! This is a good cartoon for it.

Dana Milbank’s little campaign is amusing enough, but I have to applaud him for finally realizing something that conservatives have known for a while: the left is obsessed with Palin. They can’t help themselves from attacking her. “Palin Derangement Syndrome” has replaced “Bush Derangement Syndrome” as the primary condition afflicting the leftist media. Unlike Bush however, Palin feeds off the attention. She fights back.

Palin is a woman that walks the walk. She’s hardworking, strong, able to have children while still pursuing her career, keeps the baby despite the challenges, and can hold her own with a firearm. She does it all. That she is being attacked so readily and viciously is not representative of her incompetence, but of her power. The left is scared of her. Their carefully constructed façade of woman as a victim of male dominance, constantly at a disadvantage in whatever field she enters, who can only assert her sexuality by sleeping around whenever the mood strikes her (without the responsibility of an unintended pregnancy, of course), just makes Palin laugh. The liberal “independent” woman is incapable of handling responsibility and competing without a playing field made level by the government; Sarah Palin just kicks ass, damn the obstacles. She promotes feminism and conservative values not by telling women everything they have stacked against them, but by taking it on and being successful anyway. And she looks good doing it, too.

Palin doesn’t need the mainstream media to get attention and garner support. She reaches her audience through social sites like Facebook. When she’s attacked in the media, it’s her that comes out smelling like a rose. “Palin-free February” has become a news story in and of itself. That Milbank has to consciously and publicly announce that he won’t write about Palin just serves to prove the obsession.

Palin doesn’t need Milbank or anybody else, and Milbank attempting to assert otherwise is just cute.


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