No cartoon, WTF?

It was also my sentiment when I opened up Friday’s IDS and didn’t find my cartoon!

The comics page was put together in a rush and Ralph and Chuck wasn’t added, so I’ll have four cartoons in the paper next week in exchange. I won’t be running this cartoon, because the joke will be too dated by that point.

The “Winning the Future = WTF” joke has been made countless times since Wednesday’s State of the Union speech, and yet another one almost a week afterward would just look stupid. Ideally, I would have run it on Thursday, but that isn’t possible when I need to submit my cartoons by around 5PM the day before they run. The next best option would have been Friday, but honestly the joke was stale by that point anyway. I’m still proud of my work (I think I did a good job drawing Ralph folding the newspaper), and the blog still lets some people see it!


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