Happy Valentine’s Day!

And yes, I do mean Happy Valentine’s Day. In this blog, you won’t be hearing any complaining about how Valentine’s Day is too commercialized, Valentine’s Day sucks for single people, etc.

I’m in a great relationship, and I’m going to celebrate it today! Bitter single people can suck it. Besides, where’s the law that says Valentine’s Day is only for those in a relationship? Valentine’s Day is also about the possibility for romance. Get back to an elementary school mentality and make a special card for someone you like, perhaps with “Will you be my Valentine?” and little boxes to check marked “yes” and “no.” What do you have to lose?

And if all else fails, buy yourself a box of chocolate. They’re everywhere!


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

      • haha, in all seriousness, I’m not even feigning bitterness this year. I whined about being single every year as a teenager, but after long enough I guess I just got tired of it– the whining, that is.
        The reason I’m single isn’t because the universe hates me, it’s because I’ve chosen to be so, and– like I said in my status– I’d rather be single than in a relationship I’m not interested with.

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