Environmentalist’s worst nightmare

This cartoon was really fun to draw! I first used this idea during my senior year of high school, but I love it so much I felt like it should be run in the IDS as well.

There’s no real point to the cartoon; I just got the idea one day to draw some version of an environmentalist’s worst nightmare, and the image of a polar-bear drawn chariot stuck in my head. The barren wasteland of a clear-cut forest with oil wells and nuclear power plants in the distance was the natural progression from there.

With these recycled ideas, I always have to redraw the cartoon, because when I first made them I didn’t save the original digital files at a large enough size to run in print. Also, I draw my characters a bit differently than I did two years ago! Here’s the original:

I think it’s an improvement! I can do a bit more with gradients now, and the background of the original looks so plain compared with the one I drew for today. It’s always fun to look at the way my drawing style changes over time.



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