Simmer down

My intention with today’s cartoon is to be less evangelically conservative and more to just bring a little sanity back into the argument over all of this legislation concerning unions.

First of all, I wanted to express that teachers unions are ultimately there for teachers, not students. Let’s stop pretending that everything a teachers union does is “for the children” and that any attempt to limit their power is “against the children.” It’s a disingenuous argument to make when there are so many facets to issues dealing with education. What is good for teachers unions doesn’t necessarily equate to what is good for students in the same way that honking doesn’t necessarily do much to promote peace and quiet. There are different ways to improve the education system, and different opinions as to which way is the best way.

This is not Egypt or Nazi Germany, and Governor Walker is not Mubarak or Hitler. He is Governor Walker, trying to tackle difficult state budget issues. You can disagree with him, but it’s nothing to shoot someone over. Have we forgotten our commitment to a New Tone™ already?


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