All liberals know that Republicans are evil. After all, we hate gays, women, children, teachers, the environment, poor people, the rest of the world, and anyone who looks or speaks differently than we do (I also heard that we like to abuse puppies and kittens in our spare time).

But in all of your time hating conservatives and members of the Republican party, have you ever made a point to ask us WHY we’re so evil? I mean, did you wake up today and decide to be an evil person? I think very few people actually make a point of doing that, and they’re usually touched in the head.

Go ahead, be curious. Ask us why we support something instead of assuming you know the reason. Perhaps you’ll find that there are good reasons we support the policies that we do that you hadn’t thought of before. Maybe you’ll find that our logic is pretty sound. Maybe you won’t. You’ll probably still disagree! But you’ll also probably find that we’re not out to get everyone, either.


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